Our History

40 Anniversary SmallFor over 40 years Melo Landscaping has been creating memorable and timeless landscapes, combining the elements of earth, water, and stone with a palette of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and aquatic plants to create living art.

With artisan’s eyes and craftsman’s hands, Melo’s landscaping professionals ensure that the highest quality and lasting beauty are achieved in every landscape and waterscape they construct.

  •  Experience
  • Quality
  • Craftsmanship

An understanding of and respect for the elements of the landscape is a key component in the creation of places that are truly special.  Stone, Plants, Earth and water can be combined in an array of ways, resulting in a variety of effects.  Each element is complex, with a character and a nuance all its own.  Stone, although permanent and resistant to change, can be sculpted and worked to achieve lasting beauty unattainable with any other material.  Water, dynamic and powerful, can be trained to cascade and dance with serenity or fury.  Trees, shrubs and flowers provide the accent, the fragrance and the seasonal variation as well as the backdrop, and earth is the foundation.