Snow Plowing & Removal Services

Snow plowing & Removal Services

Melo Landscaping has been in business for more than 37 years supplying both winter and summer services to our customers with quality and commitment of the highest priority.  Our fleet of salt trucks range in size from 5 ton spot salting trucks to large tandem trucks which give us the ability to handle any requirements.  Are fleet also is equipped with pre-wet systems to minimize the amount of salt applied over the winter which is better for everyone.  In addition all truck are equipped with GPS tracking systems to track salt usage and log application when necessary.  Our fleet of plowing equipment is second to none.  With 9 farm tractors equipped with blades ranging from 8’ to 16’ in width and  a range of pick-up trucks, bobcats and front-end loaders with both blades and buckets we are ready for winter’s worst.  All of this equipment organized and in constant communication with cellular phones and two-radios.