The foundation of the landscape must both support the landscape and sustain its living components.  Melo’s experienced staff are experts not only in the creating bold land forms which define in the landscape but also in key elements in the landscape as well as understanding the importance of the earth in sustaining it.


Although the stone work is the final product, which will be seen, experienced and enjoyed.  It cannot stand the test of time unless the foundation and its components are flawless as well.  From layout, forming, reinforcing and finishing we strive to meet and exceed standard building practices in order for your landscape to standout and perform in any climate.


Melo’s craftsman and stonemasons are renowned for the creativity, experience and attention to detail.  Stone, both fragile and unyielding in the hands of the inexperienced, becomes the gem of the landscape in the hands of the craftsman.  This building material of the ancients can be worked to convey an image of ruggedness or delicacy.